Friday, April 17, 2009

My Wife Produces!

Times are tough. You know they're tough when you're doing everything right, and you lose your job anyway because your company fucks up or decides to think short term shareholder gain. No, not me - I'm talking about my beautiful wife. Jarrah got laid off in February from Expedia in their big raid against their in-house talent. Slash and burn. Lots of good people lost their jobs there.

So now, she's been looking for a job. She's got a great resume (she's a producer/project manager), lots of good experience on big time projects, etc... but the problem is that people are in hiring freezes everywhere. That is crazy frustrating to me, and I'm not even the one looking for a job, so I can only imagine what she feels like.

But let me tell you, she handles it like a champ. She's sending resumes out, getting callbacks, taking classes toward new certifications in stuff that sound difficult based on their acronyms... it really is just a matter of time. To all the companies out there in the Seattle area looking for producers, you're missing out without her. Act fast before this offer ends!

One day I hope to be fabulously wealthy so she doesn't have to work at all. So, before my "lottery retirement plan" (hehehe) kicks in, be sure to snap her up! A producer like her is not a common thing, so don't let her amazing abilities go to waste!


ObiWanStevobi said...

Times are tough. The company I work for has cut 35% of it's total workforce, and more cuts are expected next week. I've already taken a 5% across the board salary cut. But even in these rough times, I found myself in an incredibly lucky position.

One day a couple weeks ago, a got a call from a guy I had taken a data structure class with. He heard we had massive layoffs and was offering me a job working for his company. They are Oracle developers that have their own medical records software package. They have added a line of hospitals as clients and are expanding.

I have worked with their company when they did Oracle support for us, and they were very impressed with a couple of my Oracle apps at the time. So I'm no stranger to Oracle, but most of the last five years I've spent in Visual Studios, so there certainly would be a learning curve.

Anyway, I was pretty scared about losing my job at the time, so I told my boss that I'd likely be going while the getting is good. The problem is that I work in engineering for a manufacturing company. I am the only programmer they have, and they have come to rely upon the software I have written.

This led to a meeting with management where I was convinced to stay and assured my job is safe. Which is good, because I get to work on a lot of neat stuff there, not just one software package all day every day, and I do have creative control over my projects.

It is very good to know that in this economy, companies are still value skilled employees to see them through. I was pretty honored to be shown how skilled people think I am. I've done a very good job of bullshitting people I guess :)

I wish your wife the best of luck. I'm really glad I haven't ended up in the same boat. Knowing what everyone else is going through, I feel extremely lucky.

willie achronos said...

hello there Achronos.

its a bummer to hear about your wife. However.. at least you have your health, and EACHother. thats more than any man can ask for.

well, here's a little something.......

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Willie Francia.
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Achilles1108 said...

That sucks man. I know kinda what you are going through. My wife was released from her job last July and she finally got a new one at the beginning of April this year.

She did the same thing your wife is doing now, but it is just that the job market is cutthroat right now. I hope she gets something soon.

Also a great help to her would be to make sure that you spend time with her when you get the chance. I know for us it really helped my wife because she was home alone all day by herself with nobody to talk to and get stuff off of her chest.

Please keep us informed though when she gets something.

Jason Andrews said...

Since he very promptly responded to me, I thought I'd check out the blog and originally thought this post was that he was going to become a father?

Times are tough right now, even in the UK my Accountancy job has been cut to part time hours. Everyone over here blames government and banks, but it's worldwide spending beyond peoples means which caused the problem.

With Expedia, well if they stopped putting the overpriced adverts on the TV 'let youself go' thing maybe they wouldn't have racked up advertising debts so much too.

Shame about your wife's job cut, but at least you got a wife.

I've just had my 29th recently and 30 next year. Its gone so quick!!