Friday, October 28, 2005

Intelligent Design vs Evolution

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People who believe in intelligent design need to understand something - it isn't science. Science requires the use of the scientific method. You cannot test intelligent design. You cannot propose an experiment to verify it. You cannot collect data. What is intelligent design, if not a theory? It is an opinion. It is your "opinion" that evolution doesn't fully explain what you observe.

Guess what? That's okay... but your opinion has no bearing on teaching biology. Biology students need to learn biology science. They need to learn about the theories, laws, experiments, etc. so that when they get older and issues in biology come up (think stem cells, bioengineering), the students will be able to have an intelligent debate.

I never understand why these stupid debates happen. For reference, I'm Catholic. I believe God created everything. But I also believe in evolution, and the big bang. My religion tells me the answer to the "why are we here" question. But it doesn't tell my how it happened. Think about it - God is all powerful and all knowing... don't you think he could have created the universe in The Big Bang, and then started evolution as the process to create the vessel for the human soul.

It takes a lot of arrogance to say to biologists that their best theory of how life evolved is wrong, and offer nothing but an opinion as a replacement. Get it through your head - science and religion don't mix things up as they don't talk about the same things. Science == how things happened, when they happened, and what happened. Religion is all about WHY things happened. As a biology class isn't asking "why are we here", that means intelligent design is a pointless waste of time outside of Sunday School.