Thursday, February 21, 2008


The current political climate is exciting. Being a moderate independent, I find it great that McCain will be the Republican candiate. This is not because I support him or his party, but because of all of the contenders, he's at least someone I can respect. He's not beholden to fundamentalist Christians, for example (the Republican party sucks because of those fools). Ironically, that might cost him dearly, depending on his VP pick. So, even if he wins, I won't feel like we're just getting a new monkey to sit in the hotseat, and pretend things like gay marriage are things we have time to worry about right now.

Anyway, the real reason for this post: check out the linked article. One of the big arguments on the Democratic side is the discussion that Obama is big on "words" and Clinton is big on "action." They go round and round, it is kind of amusing. A point not brought up (because you have to insult the electorate) is that big grand "words" without specifics work better with the masses - they make better sound bytes, they are easily consumable, they work with the voters who don't really engage much.

Moving on, the article points out, quite rightly, that the only real, unbiased place you can find to show just what their real positions are is to compare their Senate records. Not their voting records - but their history of what bills they author and who co-sponsors them. You can draw some VERY interesting facts about both of these effective Senators, and I think it becomes apparent why Obama is really pulling ahead with those educated voters as well as with the masses who are just hooked on his grand oratory skills.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Why there is no "guy stuff" in the wedding registry

I've gotten some comments about the lack of "guy stuff" in my wedding registry from a few people.

The reason there are no electronics or other guy stuff on there is because not only is this about stuff *WE* want but also because I always buy the shit I want myself, making it incredibly annoying for other people to buy christmas and birthday gifts (or so I've been told by my family in the past).

Really, I'd be impressed if you could come up with "guy stuff" I want that I haven't already bought for myself. Go ahead, try it.