Friday, January 21, 2005

New Computer - And the Verdict is In

I purchased a new machine from, and the verdict is in, now that I have it.

My computer computer is shiny! And... that's all I got. I haven't turned it on yet. Still making myself a slipstreamed WinXP Sp2 cd with some extra drivers, and also backing up older stuff.

So, for now, the verdict is that my new computer, affectionally christened "glitch", is shiny. Maybe I'll post some random benchmarks here later.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Washington State's Fiscal Policy is Whacked

Hit the title link for a story about the Initiative system and the sales tax system in this state is idiotic.

First, the sales tax system. It is terribly unfair, as it taxes the middle/lower classes more than the upper classes of income. Second, it is very defeatable in such a global marketplace where you buy things that don't have sales tax attached to them from out of state.

Then you have the Initiative system. For those who don't know, this basically where citizens can write their own legislation, get it on the ballot, and get it made into law, subject to various restrictions and rules. The problem, of course, is that the vast majority of people are either idiots or don't care. They vote against education bonds because they raise their property tax a bit, but then wonder why public schools suck so much. They reject car tab taxes/fees and then wonder why their commute sucks so much.

Fucking DUH! Plus, because the population is centered around Seattle, it means they can dictate policy that SUCKS for the rest of the state.

We have legislators because we don't have the time to deal with legislation. It is a complicated process. If you want specific legislation passed, get your represenative/senator to sponsor it, and then get it passed through the houses so the entire impact is understood.

This business about "not trusting the hacks in Olympia" is bullshit. A few bad eggs, but most politicians are good people. Or at least they'll listen to the voters, because otherwise they lose their jobs.

And people say the East Coast is fucked up. At least I don't have to worry about some tool like Tim Eyman trying to make my commute worse because he and his cronies don't want to pay for their car tabs. Morons.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So I'm getting a new computer

Well, actually, I ordered it on December 10th from I like their work and their staff, although the prices aren't always the best, they're usually close. And they don't say they have a part until they really do, like certain other places. But, anyway, I got a Athlon 64 FX-55, and a Nvidia 4 SLI board with two Geforce 6800 GTs.

That was on December 10th.

Fast forward to today, and I still don't have it because there aren't any PCI Express GTs. But, apparently, 6800 Ultras are available, and would I like two of those instead.

Yes, they cost more. A lot more. More than I should ever pay for a graphics card. And I'm getting two of them. No current game needs that kind of power. So, of course...

...I say "Sure, go ahead, I'll pay an extra $500 for my already expensive machine that I could have had two months ago had I built it myself like I usually do."

I am such a technology whore. I have no shame. But I'll be able to play Half-Life 2 at its best visual settings.

Who am I kidding? I'm so far backed up in games I won't play Half Life 2 until midsummer, and in the mean time, my beast of a computer's primary gaming application will be my girlfriend playing the Sims 2 as I play on my Xbox. Oh well... at least the drawing distance and particle effects will be better in World of Warcraft.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

If this is you, seek help now

I can understand being a fanboy. Seriously, I'm on the community team for Halo 2, we have quite a few diehards fans that are usually our community's core strength. But, come on, when it is SNOWING in Seattle, and below 30 degrees, that means God is telling you to wait a few more weeks. Especially for a movie that may not necessarily be any good.

I find the trick with these recent Star Wars movies is to sit back, don't analyze it, enjoy your popcorn, and watch the show. Don't pay much attention to the dialogue delivery, focus on the choreography, the settings, the world that comes alive. They're much better that way. Maybe then you can understand getting in line 22 weeks early for a movie. Maybe.