Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Got a TiVo Premiere over the weekend.  I would like to tell you about my experience with it but so far my cable company has been unable to provide a working CableCard.  I went through this with the Series 3 TiVo that I also have.   On Monday, when they tried to authorize the card, it didn't work.  So on Tuesday, I called them, and they verified the numbers, and tried it again.  This time they screwed up the authorization on my other two already working cards.  So today, they managed to fix what they broke, and I'm back to just the new card working.  Tomorrow, a cable guy is coming between 9 and 12 to to give me a new one.  Every single time I have to deal with this garbage with them.  I shouldn't know their customer service number off the top of my head, but I do.  I remember 3 numbers without my phone's contact list - my wife's cell, my parent's home phone number, and my cable company customer service line. 

That's just fucking ridiculous.  You better get it right tomorrow, Broadstripe.  Or, someone could buy my house so I could move to a new one that doesn't suck so bad.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mind the dust

Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't just leave this place to rot.  I suggest those interested follow my Twitter for more likely updates.

Although, I may work up a post about Blizzard's recent Real ID dabbling, and why I think (and, well, I guess them too, now) it is the wrong approach.   Have to think about how to talk about that without leading people to believe I'm discussing Bungie policy, of course, so maybe not.  And then there is an interesting post someone made on yesterday about how he was confused why people got to talk about evolution, but not religion.  He contended evolution was a kind of religion, and my opinion of public schooling dropped a bit after a bunch of people proceeded to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding as to what the scientific method is and why it, by definition, can't be in the same category as the concept of faith.  (For the record, truth can be found in both reason and faith, those blinded by either are doomed to never grasp true understanding).

For now, it is late.  Or early.  Whatever.   Perhaps we'll talk about that stuff later.  Your homework is to learn about St. Thomas Aquinas, my patron saint.  A little bit of a tight ass about certain aspects of morality (11th or 12th century Dominican Order priest probably means I can give him a pass on that), but the man was very good at describing how reason and faith are both sources of truth.