Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mind the dust

Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't just leave this place to rot.  I suggest those interested follow my Twitter for more likely updates.

Although, I may work up a post about Blizzard's recent Real ID dabbling, and why I think (and, well, I guess them too, now) it is the wrong approach.   Have to think about how to talk about that without leading people to believe I'm discussing Bungie policy, of course, so maybe not.  And then there is an interesting post someone made on yesterday about how he was confused why people got to talk about evolution, but not religion.  He contended evolution was a kind of religion, and my opinion of public schooling dropped a bit after a bunch of people proceeded to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding as to what the scientific method is and why it, by definition, can't be in the same category as the concept of faith.  (For the record, truth can be found in both reason and faith, those blinded by either are doomed to never grasp true understanding).

For now, it is late.  Or early.  Whatever.   Perhaps we'll talk about that stuff later.  Your homework is to learn about St. Thomas Aquinas, my patron saint.  A little bit of a tight ass about certain aspects of morality (11th or 12th century Dominican Order priest probably means I can give him a pass on that), but the man was very good at describing how reason and faith are both sources of truth.


ObiWanStevobi said...

Evolution is a tricky subject that people will always be misinformed on because our schools are not allowed to teach it, and most people get what little they know about it from really bad sources.

It seem like whenever the subject come up, the "news" networks and talk radio manage to find the two most over the top crazy and disingenuous people from each side and let them shout at the each other between commercial breaks.

One will say, we have fossil records showing progression of species dating back millions of years, therefore, God isn't real. Then the next guy simply says it's all the devil's trickery and you're going to hell if you believe it.

The entire subject (at least in normal public discourse), has been framed as a matter of Christian vs. Atheism, so it's no wonder people don't engage their scientific reasoning abilities when it comes up.

I don't think the majority of people are so dumb to not know the very basics of middle school science, it's that they've been misinformed on the subject and it has been successfully framed to make it an emotional topic rather than a scientific one.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with the previous comment. In the case of most U.S. schools, the subject of evolution is either incorrectly taught, or avoided altogether. The principles of scientific reasoning are thrown out the window, and it degenerates into an argument of faith.

Unknown said...

Have you seen Ben Steins Expelled: No intelligence allowed. It is a documentary that gets confused with being completely pro-religion, but what I got from it was Ben was simply wanting both sides to be recognized as faith.

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