Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Innovation without Imitation is a waste of time

If you've ever used the term "innovation", you really should watch this. It is Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs talking about what's he's learned.

The best line in there is the title of the entry. Think about it for a bit. The best innovations are things that leverage imitiation to its fullest - learning from the past efforts, their mistakes as well as trimumphs. His example is good - iPhones may be cool, but they don't work without the knowledge of touch screens, programming, circuit boards, materials, mass production, etc.

More close to home - a lot of people who hate on Halo like to say it "has been done before". Sure, it has a few neat ideas, the Internet goes, but mostly just cribs from PC shooters. Congratulations, you just describe almost every game ever made, or everything ever made that's any good. Innovation, with imitation from those who came before. That's not a bad thing... if anything, that's just good sense. Never let common sense stand in the way of a good troll, though. That ruins the fun.

Thanks to my wife for pointing this video out to me.


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