Saturday, January 05, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Well, it is 2008. I'm getting married at the end of February, Halo 3 is doing well, I still enjoy my job after doing it for 8 years, hopefully that trend continue.

I have one resolution for the New Year: I'm going to try and come here more often and post. It is really quite stupid that I constantly think of neat things to chat about, but then never actually post them.

With that in mind, I'm going to try a little experiment. One of the things I do every week is update the Halo 3 Bungie Favorites on Now, I don't actually pick the Bungie Favorites, I'm just the guy with the admin privs to actually make the changes. However, because I often make forum threads for items posted that don't already have threads, a lot of people assume that I'm the one picking them. As a result, I get a lot of files sent to both my gamertag and on asking to post their stuff. I never look at them.

However, I figure that since people are sending me this stuff anyway, I might as well try an experiment. I'm going to start collecting all these things people send me at, as it is fun to abuse the absurd space gmail gives you. I'm going to mostly ask for screenshots, because I can quickly look at them. If I get some good stuff, I'll put it up somewhere, either here on a blog dedicated for that. If things work out, I'll check it every few days and post some new shots and link back to your service record on So, send me those images!

Oh, by the way, please note that the URL for this blog is now The old "tomachronos" blogger one will still work, but as I said, I'm trying to sack up and be a little more chatty outside of my usual trolling.


Exhorresco One said...

"Halo 3 is doing well"

: )

I laughed a little.

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