Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dammit, I am not your friend

Today I was lucky enough to have a few free hours to play Halo 3, something I haven't been able to do in a while. I had a pretty fun time. Now, I'm used to getting lots of friend requests and messages - the flaming head in game can raise a few questions. I usually just delete the friend requests, and move on.

But today, two guys would not stop sending me friend requests. I don't like to block people unless necessary (although I regularly use the "mute asshole" button). These guys sent me like 15 friend requests. What made this unique is that they sent them one at a time, after I declined their previous request.

I finally just had to block them, because it didn't look like they would quit doing it. But seriously - who does that? Just because you know my gamertag or see me in game doesn't make me your friend. If I decline your request, that's my way of saying, "no, thanks, I don't know you, so you don't go on my list." I could even understand a followup message - some people just want to add me to ask me a question. But sending me requests each time I say "no"?

Are kids just not used to hearing the word no anymore? Bah, whatever, I know. "Just block them, and can I has recon instead?" Still, you'd think they'd want to spend time enjoying the game instead of trying to follow me around like a lost puppy.


Anonymous said...

The price of fame, Mr. Overlord Sir.

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of thing that you sign yourself up for when you have a notorious Internet nick and a flaming head.

Most people on Live probably know you best as the dude with the lightning avatar who banned their BungieNet account for some obscure wrongdoing.

Achronos said...

I don't mind the people asking questions or the unsolicited friend requests.

I mind the kids who send requests constantly even after I decline over and over, even replying with a message explaining why I'm declining their request. I don't want to block them. You'd think a little courtesy is too much to ask.

Of course, given the people one often meets on XBox Live, well, I guess it isn't surprising.

Anonymous said...

This has happened to me before except it was when I was like 12 and played a game called "Runescape" I really loved it and I eventually became a Moderator :-P (I now know there are better things in life then RPGS!) There was this one kid who kept on bugging me and bugging me saying "Can I be your friend" he got my email somehow and hell was let loose god I can't believe I played that game.

Now for a research project I became a admin at a wiki, same thing happens every once and a while.

I guess it is the price you pay for the whole idea of recon armor, I for the most part don't want it. If I did get it I wouldn't use it on live only when playing with buddies.

Anonymous said...

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