Friday, September 09, 2005

Buy this T-Shirt right now

Go to the url linked above, and buy that T-Shirt. You'll add to the already $120,000 raised in about a week for hurricane victims.

To all those that have already donated, you rock. I'm sometimes a bit jaded, but seeing people pull together to help restores my faith in humanity. Thanks.


snowmanaxt said...

I wasn't able to buy one, sadly. I had already donated money to the Red Cross before they released the shirt. If I get some more extra cash to blow on anything I might buy one to help out more.

Dj_infamous said...

I bought one the day the update was put on

I just wanted to say thank you for reading the bungie forums and replying to some of the conserns of bungie's users.

so many companies do not bother doing that, and I really appreciate knowing that you guys aren't just another giant money churning machine.

Kudos and sorry for all of the bullets and garbage you guys have to catch.

Blog_Ghost said...


Achronos said...

Thanks to all who did, or at least donated in some capacity (even if not thru our efforts).

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