Friday, December 31, 2004

Xbox Live Friends and You (and Me)

Okay, so, I haven't been playing Halo 2 very much lately. World of Warcraft kind of sucked me in, and then KOTOR 2. And that's just since Christmas. But I checked my friends list today, and apparently I have around 75 people who want to be my Friend on Xbox Live.

Guys, no offense, but if I don't know you, you're not my friend. If we meet in a game, fine, that's a good way. But sending me a blank friends request or a request saying "You don't know me, but you work at Bungie and I want to kick your ass" is not a good way to introduce yourself.

See you around, and Happy New Year... in 14 minutes, Pacific time.


Anonymous said...


I feel you, i get some of those sum times.
is ur gamertag just achronos. b/c i think i played you a while back. and i couldnt think of where i had saw that name and i just noticed it could have been you. but this was a while back

anyways. if you ever get on live. gt is lilguy 09
or email.

Anonymous said...

What do you recon the odds are that i will see you on live?

Anonymous said...

lol he used "reckon"^^^^ and then spelled it wrong, lol. (no offense bro) anyway, i'd love to play you online, im a big fan of, love what you did with the place. If you need a double team partner, the name's Crakapleez911

Anonymous said...

hey achronos, i'd love to play with you on Crackbox live (yes, its that addicting) if you ever need a double team partner, or just someone to hang with on those 3 AM gaming sprees, the name's Crakapleez911

Anonymous said...

so sorry, double post...