Thursday, December 30, 2004

So I finally did it

So, I finally joined the rest of the world and started my own blog. I guess it is kind of silly that I didn't have a place for just posting whatever the hell I feel like talking about onto the Internet when I've been using it for so long. Especially considering that my job entails me spending a lot of time with a community web site to begin with. That's probably the reason it took me so long - I didn't want to deal with another web site when not at work.

Yet, here I am. In this space, I'm going to talk about whatever pops into my head, and basically talk to no one in particular. Feel free to comment, positively or negatively, or simply email me at And, before it starts, I should let you know that I'm not going to be answering any questions about my employer or projects there, and anything I say will not be their opinion. This is for stuff not dealing with work, because I can't really talk about work without it being taken out of context and made into an "official" statement.

I think that sucks, myself. Such is the nature of the Internet, though. Ah, the nature of the Internet... we'll eventually have a conversation about how the anonymous nature of the Internet makes most behave like a racist, homophobic, idiotic schmuck, particularly in forums. Or, rather, you'll hear me complain about it. A lot.

Serves you right for reading this... hehehe. Me, I'm going back to enjoying my vacation. Hope you had a good holiday. Everybody be safe on New Year's.


Achronos said...

Well, the problem I see is one of consequences. When I am on the Internet, and nobody knows who I am, what I say doesn't matter. Hell, normally, what I say doesn't matter. What I mean is that I can say something about Jea particular group of people that isn't anything but a slur... and nothing happens to me. Most people don't even say anything online about it - they just write it off as "some kid". What the hell?

There is no consequence to their actions because the nature of the Internet encourages you to let people say what they want. Now, most people who are intelligent adults realize that there are consequences - people listen, especially when you think they're not. But some people on forums (blogs,, Xbox Live, etc.), some of whom I know not be in high school yet, are not that smart, apparently. They say crap that they would NEVER say to anyone to their face, simply because that's the "in" thing to do.

At least, I hope they don't say it. The alternative is that our society is more messed up than I thought it already was.

Please, I hope that isn't true, I like being a little idealistic.

Thanks for your comment.

Glach said...

Blogger isnt bad (Major Nelson used it for a while). I also recommend MSN Spaces. Visually appealling and has 10MB of space for uploads of photo's and such.

You will find both restrictive.

-- Take a look at Major Nelson's blog, @, he has his RSS feed integrated into the right side of his blog. Its a pretty sick setup.

Anonymous said...

I have an MSN web space. They provide you with room for blog entries, photos,music you listen to, websites you like etc. If you are really going for this whole 'own web space' thing, i would certainly recommend MSN spaces (No i don't work for MSN, just thought it may be something to think about).