Friday, September 18, 2009

On a lighter note...

Prepare to drop, ODST is coming. I won't be at the EMP for the launch event, though. Have to be at the office watching things peak - if anything is going to go wrong, it would happen on launch day. Have to be prepared, and all that.

Hope you all have fun. Just as a warning to all of you - take mass transit to get there. There is a Pearl Jam concert that night at Key Arena - parking and traffic will suck in the vicinity of Seattle Center. Do yourself a favor and take a bus or a taxi or a monorail (lol) or light rail to get there.

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Decimator Omega said...

I really want to have ODST, but I got RROD (Red Ring of Death) on my Xbox 360 Elite. Guess I'll have to miss out. I hope I can get it fixed or buy another console.