Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asher Update

Asher is finally starting to be his old self again. He may have lost a lot of weight (he's 115 lbs now, he should be 150 lbs) - but he's been eating a bunch, and we're feeding him 4-6 meals a day of high-fat content stuff to get him back up.

The vets diagnosed him with Addison's Disease - an adrenal gland disorder that causes the gland to not produce a very important chemical that can have all sorts of bad side affects - renal failure being a particularly bad one. They couldn't figure it out until they fixed his kidneys, luckily, there appears to be no permanent damage and he pulled around after three days in the ICU.

Now, he has to get a special injection once every 25 days (more or less) that compensates for his gland disorder. $150 a bottle, less than 2 doses per bottle. I figure it is better than putting him down, especially because he's so young.

It is good to have my favorite dog back. Now, he just has to eat to get his weight back up.


Decimator Omega said...

It's good that your dog is doing well :D Check out my Bungie.net profile. For some reason I've been banned for 3 days.

Fireskull said...

Can you not post simply because it's a bad thing?

I'm glad your dog is better. While I do not have a dog myself, not because I don't want to, quite a few of my relatives and friends do and I know how much they can mean to them. It is indeed better than putting him down, and I'm happy to hear that there is no permanent damage to him. I do not know what his condition is now, but I hope it has improved :)

Happy New Years dude.