Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What the hell is wrong with you, California?

Anybody care to explain to me why two people getting marriage is such a big deal? Hit the think for someone far more well spoken than me ask the question better.

Let's review:

If you don't approve of gay marriage, don't have one.
If you don't approve of sex before marriage, don't do it.
If you don't approve of abortion, don't get one.
If you don't approve of violence or sex in entertainment, don't buy it.

I can go on like that for a while.

On this topic - I think the fundamental problem here is that the word "marriage" has come to mean both the legal contract in the the eyes of the government and the sacrament of marriage in the traditional religious sense. So, here's an easy solution - the government of the USA shouldn't recognize marriages of anybody. Rather, all marriages should be called "civil unions" in the eyes of the law. The participants can still of course marry according to their own traditions and beliefs, but as the government should make no law respecting one religion over the other, it can't really tell people what marriage is. So, "marriage licenses", the legal contract between two individuals to become essentially a joint entity in the eyes of the law, are now "civil union license." Now, everybody is equal in the eyes of the law - straight, gay, whatever. Marriage returns to being a purely religious institution and nobody can have stupid initiatives or propositions to remove the right of private citizens to do what they want.

Hah, could you imagine if I was actually a politician and said this? Shit would quite literally hit the fan.

It always amazes me that Republicans, the party that supposedly believes in small government, little regulation, etc., is in bed with the religious right, who want to use the government to enforce their beliefs on everyone else. The religious right should go read their bibles again - they're kind of missing the point of Christ, I think.


redacted said...

I'm going to also have to agree with you on this too. Even though I'm not married nor do I plan to get married in the next couple of years.

The way I see it, if two people love each other, why should they be prevented from being married. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm christian and all, but I don't see why people who are gay can't be married.

Yeah, I realize it says in the bible like no gay marriage, but not everyone is christian. I don't think everyone in the U.S. should have to suffer under the belief's of a group of people, thus the meaning of religion. Religion'a basic meaning is to believe in something. If someone doesn't believe in that particular belief, then I believe that they shouldn't have to ruled under those beliefs, and one of those beliefs being no gay marriage.

Marriage the way I see it, is two people who love each other, and want to be together. I don't think your gender should have to be in question in order to be married.

If a guy and a girl want to be married, so be it. If two guys want to get married, so be it. If two girls want to get married, so be it.

If you don't like gay marriage, then thats your opinion.

I don't like ice tea, and guess what, I'm not going to have any. And I don't think that people who like it shouldn't be able to drink it.

Haha, yeah, I know, great analogy.

the_eNeME said...

Hey! You stop making sense and you stop it NOW!

That has got to be the best proposition I've ever heard.

I was just arguing something similar to this yesterday with some friends.

There is no reason to mix a purely religious ceremony with legal rights.

And for the record, not all republicans try to force religion on people... just the crazy ones.

AoH-All of Humanity said...

That's a very good stance on that matter. I agree 100%. It amazes me how we completely ruined the main reason why settled declared independence from Britain. I believe we separated because the church and state were the same. It really amazes me when a politician uses their religion as if they know better or are more capable of something.

I don't care what religion someone is, I still respect you as a human being. Do you think religion and the government should be separated?

ObiWanStevobi said...

Oh, Juicy entry this time. Hitting all sorts of buttons.

A few points in pretty much random order:
No one is concerned about the definition of marriage. That's just the only way they can frame their argument so it looks like they aren't just hating on gay people. If anyone was truly concerned about the definition of marriage, divorce would be a much bigger issue than it is today.

Second, after Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr., how could anyone possibly believe Republicans stand for smaller goverment? It's been decades since they could even attempt to make that claim with a straight face.

It's pretty easy to see why the Republicans have married themselves to the religious right. Who else is better trained to blindly give money and support? All you have to do to keep their loyalty is say God a lot during debates (even if you are going to meet a hooker right after) and throw in an anti-gay or anti-immigration rhetoric every now and then.

After Democrats alienated much of the South and bible belt with gun control and civil rights, it was an easy decision for republicans to adopt their platforms. Electoral advantage is certainly more important to them than principles. (and in fairness, same can be said of nearly any politician)

The only standard Republicans seem to have upheld is industry deregulation. So I suppose we can thank them for Enron, the housing market, and the outsourcing of jobs. Everything went according to plan there.

Republicans supporting uncostitutional nonsense is no surprise, and to be fair, democrats aren't shy in that regard either. What does suprise me is that California, of all states, voted for it. There is surely no shortage of gullible, easily manipulated people out there.

Yoozel said...

The problem that we have on hand is that politicians think to much (thusly attempting to add complexity to things that really aren't problems but eventually come to the forefront of being one) and then they can be so simply disputed by your argument.

Anonymous said...

It isn't that gay people can't marry. California simply defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Gay couples in Calfornia already have all state-level rights of marriage. As for the guy saying that the Bible says "no gay marriage" that's quite false. The Bible never discusses gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

I absolutley cannot believe this. So essentially, what you are saying, is that;

If you don't approve of murder, don't kill anyone.

If you don't approve of rape, don't rape anyone.

If you don't approve of things that are wrong, don't do them. Real smart.

F*king liberals.

Anonymous said...

Achronos for senator?

Seriously, your idea is great. It's too bad we have idiots for world leaders.

Achronos said...


Way to miss the point. I'm not about to engage in a hyperbolic argument when you know damn what the difference is. Excuse me for assuming readers have the intelligence to know the difference.

I will say, though, that equating gay marriage to rape or murder takes some serious balls. Way to keep it classy.