Friday, August 29, 2008

Twitter and Social Networking

Lately, I've been pondering about why I seem to avoid social networking type systems. I only have a facebook account so my wife can link to me, I'm on LinkedIn but don't really "use it", cannot stand MySpace, have difficulty keeping a simple blog on a weekly or even monthly post schedule, and, for the life of me, cannot understand the appeal of Twitter. Hell, I don't even have more than 40 Xbox Live friends, despite the fact that my message box is always full.

I think my dislike of those kinds of things is twofold, both work related. First, much of my professional life is consumed by, itself a very social place. Investing time elsewhere is somewhat of a distraction. Its kind of like playing an alt in World of Warcraft - sure, I could roll another character, but that's time I could be playing on my main (a demonology warlock, if you care).

Second, and this goes for twitter and blogging, especially, is that I may think of things to say that are interesting, I just don't think they are interesting for a wide audience. But after a conversation today that involved the difference between "signal," "noise," and "spam" (more on that another time), I realized that I'm probably self censoring too much. If people want to read what I say, it is "signal" to them. Otherwise it is just noise. The important thing is to let others decide.

On that note, I decided to play with Twitter - check the box out on the left column. Thanks to my iPhone and my improved data/text plan, maybe I'll find that fun.

Even if none of you care.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand. That kinda sucks how is taking over socializing. I can relate in a in different way. I've never tried twitter, but I will be sure to now. Good luck anyways. Great person.



Anonymous said...

twitter should be fun for you. maybe just type ban everytime you ban someone.

Duardo said...

I had both Myspace and Facebook at one time....complete nightmare.

Now I just have Facebook, but it's still silly. Maybe Twitter will be different.

Anonymous said...

I find totally fulfills my social networking needs, after creating and giving up my Myspace and Facebook life. So. Goddamn. Boring.

No, random acquaintance, I don't care about the two word bulletins you post every three minutes.

And no, I don't want to join the fight against [insert cause here] just so I look like a better person for clicking the "add app" button.

I'm not one for blogs or twitter, I don't think I've got that much to say. I prefer to read others stories. Preferably a novel.

Hawkeye said...

You can always add me to your friends list XD

I know what you mean, I had myspace for a couple weeks then I got rid of it. I hope twitter goes well for you, and I hope the job doesn't get in the way to much.


Anonymous said...

I guess I never really understood the point of social networking sites. In this day of pagers, cell phones, email, and IM, there really is not a need for them. I have friends that love them and some, like me that can't stand them.

Also if you want more friends you can add me too.

Hawkeye said...

Achronos, if you don't mind me asking how many of those people on your friends list are other Bungie employees?

Anonymous said...

I remember you, Hawkeye. This is like running into a classmate in a supermarket. I'm not surprised Duardo is here. He's everywhere.

Oh, Achronos, add me as well. :)

ObiWanStevobi said...

Well, many social networking sites have been so dumbed down that us older netizens kind of look upon them with scorn. When I look at myspace, it's with a "get off my lawn" attitude. I guess among geeks, it's cool not to like those sites.

I sometimes feel that way on Bungie too. But at least there I have met enough cool and mature people to balance it out. Well that and it's centered around a common passion, where other social networking sites don't really center around anything.

For me,, xbox live,, and give me as much social networking as I can handle. I have gotten into political talk circles from time to time, but only long enough to remember that shouting loudest is an important part of American politcal discussion.

They are the trendiest and most popular sites, but trendy and popular are not terms I've ever heard used to describe me. I don't know much at all about you, but somehow you ended up in the job you are at. I work in a very similar position as you, but not for as high a profile company. Seeing how we did end up working in similar positions in life, maybe we're a bit alike and trendy and popular were not traits of yours either.

Anyway, I had a blast playing with you last night. If you are looking to expand your friends list, you can always FR me. That is in case I'm not too much of a thorn in your side on

Geoff said...

Oh good, now I can suck up in more ways than one!

And stalk. Creepy.

Twitter is interesting... I blog because I feel like putting my thoughts somewhere for people to see/read/be-influenced-by (hopefully), and I have a MySpace because lots of other people did.. But I don't seem to have time, energy, or will to keep it updated.

It seems we think alike, as far as our interest in social networking sites go.

Yoozel said...

Facebook seems to be the latest "trend" although more of a thing that came about when it was college/uni exclusive but now everything is just a matter of popular opinion. Nothing will last long in social networking.

Personally I use facebook and find a lot of people I know, party with, luke/brian (animals at using it) all use it to connect, party, etc... but the fact remains the same; in time it will die out or be replaced by another.

Matt H said...

I despise the mainstream social networking sites. I don't find 3 month old /b/ memes any funnier if they're condensed into a "Bumper sticker". I don't care about your uneducated political views. (Not you Achronos, you and Yoozel seem to hit it spot on)

And lastly, having 600 friends on facebook doesn't make you cool in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just recently got twitter and i noticed that you havent posted anything just wondering if you got board of it or if it just wasnt for you anyways if you ever tweet ill be listening im following you and my name is w1ld0m4n