Monday, April 16, 2007

Just... why?

Please take a moment out of your day today to pause and say a prayer for those affected by the shooting at Virginia Tech. I went to school there, and had friends in the AJ dorm, as well as had several classes in the Norris building.

It is easy for me to imagine myself in the midst of that, and it is unnerving. And I'm in Seattle and several years removed from school - I can't imagine what it is like for people there right now.

So, please... just a moment of your time for a prayer, or simply a minute of silent reflection. Then, when you're done, resolve to not go quietly into the night as shit falls apart around us. Stand up and don't just demand answers - demand solutions. Don't let this fade from memory after the next big news story hits.


Anonymous said...

I followed the story all day from breaking news to final outcome. Very tragic indeed. Why? Any answer raises another question.

Anonymous said...

this is reconman64 from bungie and yes i was fealing very bad about the whole thing.i go to a christian school and i asked them to pray for the killed and the wounded.just why do things like that have to go on in this world.

Anonymous said...

I live in Arlington and have a lot of friends at VT; it was pretty hectic running around trying to account for everybody in the craziness. In a very unsettling way it reminded me of 9/11. I went to high school in Forestville MD and had a lot of friends and family in and around the Pentagon area.

Anonymous said...

Don't pray, I'm trying to watch Saving Private Ryan.