Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Religious Rebublicans need a reality check

Expanding on the the theme from yesterday, hit the title link to see a handy and amusing list of some odd stuff coming out of the mouths of those current in power of the Republican party.

And, for the record, I'm a moderate independent, with no party ties. I've voted for Republicans, Democrats, and even a Libertarian. But, lately, the Republicans seem content to let people like Pat Robertson dictate their policy. The Christian Coalition wouldn't know real faith if it hit them in the face. Their intolerant, backward thinking ways mixing with regular fiscal conservative thinking (Global warming is junk science, but creationism should be taught as a legitimate alternative to the "untested" theory of evolution? Horseshit) is holding our development as a civilization back!

Every REAL conservative (moderate by today's definition) should know that a liberal idea always wins over time. Look at civil rights or woman's suffrage. Sure, conservatives didn't like those, but then gradually, it normal to have woman's suffrage or civil rights for all. It is okay to want to go slow to new ideas, or be fiscally conservative, but it is easy to get stuck down in the intolerant space of being conservative.

Now, if we could only get some good presidential candidates and some instant runoff voting, then we might have a real debate in this country. A good start would be the Democrats actually standing up to the Republicans with alternate ideas instead of just telling everyone that the Republicans and their ideas suck.


DOUBLE G said...

Whats worse is how the Democrats refuse to hit the Republicans where it hurts. While the Democrats will always say what the Rep. do wrong, they wont go as far as to say Sept. 11 happened on your watch while you were vacationing. It sickens me to see so many americans voting for gay bans and right to life while giving up their civil rights and economic rights. How can a part call it self pro life but be for the death penalty. The Rep. are nothing more than hippocrates with power. Im sick think about another 3.75 years of Republic BS!

Anonymous said...

Well living in England means i don't have to deal with Republicans. Therefore i am not going to comment on my thoughts but let's just say i hope Lib Dems get into office.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you think about it, sure liberal ideas take over, but people normally come to conservitive ideas. When people are young, they like change, but as they get older, they start to prefer to keep the same things. I think its the opposite...people go from liberal ideas to conservative ideas

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton being impeached and Bush going to war are entirely different matters. We didnt impeach Clinton because we thought he had weapons of mass destruction, we did it because we KNEW he was having extramarital affairs. What would you be saying now if we didnt suspect Iraq if having WMDs and lets them throw one right into your hometown. Sometimes its better to think about some of the crap that comes out of your head. I bet youre the kind who is going to bash Bush until he is out of office just because his ideas are different than your. What was the point you were trying to make about free speach again? You know that includes the freedom of your own views.. guess who was elected president?!

Achronos said...

I think both sides suffer from a blindness. We have the "Bush sucks" crowd. I personally think he is a bit more intelligent that he appears, it just is that he's not a good speaker. Then we have the "if you don't like Bush you can go to hell" crowd. I don't like the second crowd because Bush isn't the second coming, but you treat him like he is. The first crowd needs to stop complaining and have an actual agenda for change. The second crowd needs to stop with the worship of someone who doesn't deserve it.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think Bush knows exactly what he's doing. That's how he got re- elected.

Also, in reply to anonymous, it is probably true. Unfortunatly i fear Conservatives will win the up coming election. They promise good things to some, but for others i think it will be a different story. There have already been allegations as to the reliability of some of their party promises.

Anonymous said...

Lets take politics for what they are, a JOB! These people are fighting for employment plain and simple. I voted for Bush last year on the criteria that he stood for some of the values that I stand for( Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because we gave them the weapons during the Iran Contra affair), Islamic extremism is our enemy plain and simple, Take the fight to them and not on our soil (look how many extemists are flooding across the Iraqi borders to try and fight Americans and getting their asses kicked), and for the most part he beleives whole hardedly in what he says. Bush does not lie to try and earn a vote, he sticks to his guns. I am not religious and I do not in anyway beleive in creationism(It's a JOKE). I do however believe in sticking up for yourself or your country and not having to be ashamed of being an American. We do far more good in this world than all the european countries combined. The solution to all our problems, politically at least, is a moderate party. Both sides have good points of view, but sadly all we see is the extreme right or left. Our media needs to report the facts and not the agenda of the news agency. I'm done ranting my boss is coming, see ya online cause NEWTONBOMB decimates all!

Anonymous said...

Actually... Republicans weren't the ones fighting against woman's suffrage and civil rights... they were fighting for them... over the years the party's have switched. In the 60's, most of the south was democratic. Just think... up until Bush's election as governor... Texas was a blue state! Odd enough... Republicans were much more for rights in the 20's aswell, as the bible deemed that everyone was equal. This is also the same premise during the Civil War... Republicans saw the trechory on human rights the blue south was engaging in.

---Just so you know...

Anonymous said...

"Every REAL conservative (moderate by today's definition) should know that a liberal idea always wins over time. Look at civil rights or woman's suffrage. Sure, conservatives didn't like those, but then gradually, it normal to have woman's suffrage or civil rights for all."

Sorry Tom, I know that this is old, (just discovered your blog and am starting at the bottom) but I am going to take a teensy issue with the statement.

You're looking at results, those things that did happen to succeed, in order to justify the statement. But what about "liberal" (and yet still) stupid ideas? Not every idea that gets resistance from the establishment is necessarily a good idea. In my experience, stupid ideas can come from anyone, on any side of the aisle.

To stay away from inflaming people on either side of politics, I'll use some science as an example. The scientific community is (for the most part) a "conservative" collection of individuals. They tend to get "comfortable" once a theory has settled in and become accepted. They are definitely not "eager" to upset the status-quo just because a theory is new or revolutionary.

There has been new science that is "good" despite being revolutionary (natural selection, general relativity, and so on) and some that "caught on" (and that was accepted for a while) but was in reality quite "bad" (phrenology, luminiferous ether, steady state cosmology, etc.).

What determined the idea's validity was not the source or motivation of the concept, but how well it handled scrutiny, reason, and examination.

To look at positive, accepted political and social changes, and to then label them as "liberal" due to the fact that they were resisted (and eventually successful) is not sufficient evidence to support the concept that "a liberal idea always wins over time..."

That statement implies that all "liberal ideas" are worthwhile, and will eventually be implemented in the end because of "the right-ness" of their source.

I can't agree with that premise, especially considering that in the early 20th century, Marxism was quite progressive and liberal for its time.

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