Wednesday, March 16, 2005

GDC Panels Are Cool

Anybody at all interested in the gaming industry should read this. It is a very frank panel from GDC that discusses a lot of the issues facing the industry that really need to get solved for us to get anywhere in the future. The comment about the gaming industry being close minded to developments in software engineering outside gaming is particularly good.

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Anonymous said...

I found this article at 4 in the morning (i never sleep) and have read through Warren Spector's rant. I am going to read the rest later today. But before i go, i would like to express how i feel about the game industry as a whole. Are you ready for this....BLEH!

First off i have to get this off my chest. Developers and console makers are going at each other as if they were at war. What needs to happen first and foremost i think is that all the people in the video game industry take a step back,slap yourselves a few times and say. "What are we doing? we are in this industry to make games because that is our passion, if we keep at each other like this there wont be a game industry in the future." The industry has lost its focus, it seems to be all about the money now and not about the games. With that, i bring you my rant.

I am not on the inside, im on the outside along with the other gamers driving this industry and keeping it alive. What gets me irritated is that games are not fun anymore. You have your standard genres, but it dosn't seem like anyone is willing to venture out there and start something new, why? because their new genre hasn't been tested and they dont know if it will make money, so nobody is willing to take that leap that needs to be taken and create a new style of game which means that games are never going to advance gameplay wise,(only graphically).

I personally think that the industry needs a swift kick in the ass. What the industry needs as far as im concered is more upstart developers with new and fresh ideas that are not owned by companies that produce the consoles they work on. But these days it seems there is no chance in hell of a small company making it big time what with all of the competition these days.

One way to remedy this and i know some people (a lot) of people will disagree with me because they want their shiny things. I honestly belive in my heart that if your game has innovative gameplay, is a different genre all together and has an original story it can have the shittiest graphics compared to todays standards. I would much rather play a game with Doom or Marathon graphics that is part of some new genre than play the crap that companies shove out the doors these days.

Unfortunately that is what it seems the industry has come to, looks and money. If the game looks good and it makes money then they are happy. Not all developers are like this. I really am afraid that the industry is spiraling downward and is getting to the point of no return.

In closing i think one of the biggest problems with the games industry is that of saturation. To many games are being pumped out the doors to us the gamers. The majority of these games are not innovative and not fun. Gamers have gotten used to this and are just hellbent on how a game looks. If it dosn't look better than the title they bought a month ago, they dont buy it and if the gameplay is not better than what they bought a month ago, the wont buy it.

What we need is a gaming industry revolution. We need games that make us feel like we did when we first played mario. And we need less politics in the game industry. I will be back with more once i finish the GDC article.

My gamertag is Scruss, and i am a worried gamer.